Strange Brouhaha

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Okay, one more group of Rush videos

"I hope they play 'Bangkok'. Nah, they never play 'Bangkok'." It's the opening to the R30 show. Excellent medley.

Then, some of 2112, also from R30. The pirate stuff interesting choice.

Finally, a while back, I mentioned that I had seen something about the Wonka 2112 project, where you can sync up 2112 to Gene Wilder's Wonka movie. Someone posted the results on YouTube, but they messed up and didn't kill the original audio. It really doesn't work for me--I don't see how it goes with what's happening onscreen. But here it is anyway, in the interest of science. (I only made it about halfway through before I gave up, so buyer beware.)


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