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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ah, the Mind Hump

It's the Wednesday Mind Hump from Blogdrive Insanity. All about guitars, this time. Mmmmm, guitars.

1. Who is your favorite electric guitarist? Or top three, if you can't decide on one?

2. Describe your dream guitar. What color is it? What brand? What special touches does it have?

3. Bass guitars are electric guitars too. Who is your favorite bassist?

4. Name one of your favorite electric guitar solos.

1. Sir F. Crisp and I were listening to some Queen on our drive home from work the other day, and it struck me--as it does pretty often when I hear a Queen song on the radio (or iPod, in this case)--that Brian May is pretty damn good. So right now, I pick Brian May as one of my top three. George Harrison's tone is killer, so he's on the list. Let's see, for my third, I'll take...jazz guitarist Jim Hall. His work with Bill Evans is amazing.

2. I can't choose just one...that's impossible. It's a good thing I'm relatively easy to please. I've got three. First, since I've admired Paul Reed Smith Guitars for a long, long time, I'd pick a regular old PRS Custom 22 with the wide fat neck and the stoptail, with the Artist Package (special inlay, basically), in Gray Black. Second, Fender's Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster was always one of my favorites to play in the grim days when I worked at the music store. Finally, a Gibson L5 like Wes Montgomery played. Not that playing an L5 would make me Wes.

3. Hey, a category where I can pick just one! Geddy Lee. Well, and Josh Burke. :)

4. Obviously, Den Dennis' solo break from "Bad News" would have to be up there, but right now I'd have to pick either the solo(s) in "Hotel California" (Don Felder and Joe Walsh) or the extended, huge solo section of "Freebird." Yeah, I said it.


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