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Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Music Mambo

The Monday Music Mambo had an interesting question (an a not-so-interesting one) today:

If you were given an unlimited budget for one day, what music-related things would you splurge on? You could buy CDs (or ultra-rare LPs), concert tickets, memorabilia - anything related to music. Unlimited? I'd trick out my house with enough studio gear to choke three horses--and, since a studio is music-related, I'd build a studio in my basement. Then a piano, a string bass, a drum kit, a half-dozen computers with terabytes of disc space for recording, a couple of electric guitars and amps. MIDI gear. All sorts of world music gear. All of that stuff. Let's see, then I'd hire McCoy Tyner to play a private gig in the morning and Rush to play a private gig in the evening. CDs? Please--I believe the word "unlimited" was mentioned, and you can do a lot better than CDs.

What is your favorite style of music, or band/artist, that uses the violin/fiddle? Bluegrass.


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