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Saturday, October 02, 2004

More Debate

First, go to and watch "Faces of Frustration." (Thanks, Damon.)

Second, register for the NYT and go read about the candidates' speeches the next day. Remember "Faces of Frustration" and marvel at Karl Rove claiming that that was the President looking "focused and pensive." Uh-huh. "That wasn't irritated. I know irritated," quotes the article.

Yeah, I'll bet he knows irritated, because every day he has to watch George Bush try to remember how to tie his own shoes and eat with a fork and speak two coherent words together without prompting.

And of course Bush took "a more aggressive approach than he had during the debate." He had his friggin' script in his hand, he was among a carefully pre-screened Soviet-style crowd of people who would be sure to support everything he said, no matter how unintelligible, he didn't have to take any questions to which he didn't have a pre-generated answer, and he was reading statements prepared by a professional speechwriter rather than trying to half-remember the talking points his people had distributed. Heck, even I would come across as competent and prepared if I had a good speechwriter.

The pessimist in me is urging me to remind you, though, that there's really nothing we can do, because this election's October Surprise is going to be the capture of Osama bin Laden and Bush will win the White House by a landslide.


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