Strange Brouhaha

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

If it's Wednesday... must be the Mind Hump.

What is the last book you read? Twelve Sharp, Janet Evanovich's latest in the Stephanie Plum series.

Who is your favorite character in the book? Stephanie's Grandma Mazur is always good for a laugh, whether she's fronting a rock band, talking about Grandpa Mazur's block and tackle, or trying to open the casket at a funeral.

Did you enjoy the book? Yeah, although I was surprised that Stephanie's car didn't blow up--perhaps Evanovich finally realized that she's blown up Stephanie's car kind of a lot. (At least one in every book.) The series as a whole is reliably funny.

Would you recommend the book to others? Yes, although since it's part of a series, I would recommend reading the other eleven in order before reading this one. Yeah, Evanovich knows how to make sure new readers don't miss anything, but it's still a good idea. These books are popcorn, anyway; you can read one in a few hours. Give yourself a couple of weeks and you'll be caught up.


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