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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More on Scalia's lunacy

Yesterday I posted a Kos link about how Antonin Scalia wants to base the law on a television show. I want to say a little bit more about this.

What is it with people not understanding how television and movies are made? Scalia here, Make It So there...I think somewhere along the line we've lost our gasp on basic principles.

Jack Bauer "saved Los Angeles," Judge Scalia, because the writer wrote, in his script, that Jack Bauer saved Los Angeles. The writer could just as easily have written "Oops, L.A. is now a big hole in the ground."

Captain Bald Scenery-Chewer is a "great leader" because writers wrote him success. The things that Baldy does work because writers say they do. The writers could just as easily have written "Oops, while The Ham has his meeting, everything gets fucked up and everyone dies."

On TV, in the movies, Stuff Is Made Up. Things are the way they are because a writer said so. This is a great springboard for fan fiction--not national policy.


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