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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tina's Tuesdays

Tina's Tuesdays is all about email this week, and I'm mostly answering it so that I can confess the embarrassing answer to the first question.

1. How many email accounts do you have? . Two that came from my ISP. One at work. Two email addresses for this blog. Two for The Wife's website. Two for the eventual update to this website. Three throwaway gmail accounts for registrations. Two other gmail accounts. One at my father-in-law's website. I'm also fairly sure that I have a yahoo/geocities address. That makes sixteen, which is probably about ten too many.

2. How often do you check these accounts? The one at work, of course, is checked automatically and constantly through the day without my having to do anything about it. My own personal email account from my ISP is pretty much the same; I check it a lot from work, and the home computer polls it every five minutes. The three gmail throwaways I'll look at once a month or less just to see how much spam I'm getting and from where. In fact, I only check my gmail accounts rarely. The account at my father-in-law's website automatically forwards to my ISP account. The other website accounts I check about once a day.

3. What was one of the best or worst emails you have ever got? One of my favorite emails was from someone who was actually using my LaTex playwriting package. It was kind of cool to think that someone I didn't know and had never met was deriving a little bit of use from something I had done.


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